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15 Feb , 2016   Video

Amsterdam seems to be quite the hot spot and after spending the weekend there I can see why. I’m yearning to go back for longer and to explore more of this unique and beautiful city.

My galpal and I booked this trip via trusty it seemed last weekend was extremely popular and we were searching for a while before we finally booked. We were there for the weekend and had Monday to explore as well, as our flight home was in the evening, if you can I definitely recommend trying to squeeze a weekday in as the streets and museums are slightly quieter.

Amsterdam Snapshot #1.

We stayed at the Hampton by Hilton hotel which is around a 15 minute shuttle bus ride from the airport. We used the free shuttle bus service to and from the airport and to get to central station from the airport. Whilst at the airport we bought the Amsterdam version of a travel card but better! It allowed us to use the bus, trams and trains for 3 days for only €25, pretty decent considering a train from our hotel to central station would have cost us around €11 never mind travel within the city. So check out what travel plans work for you and your length of stay.

Amsterdam Snapshot. #2

Amsterdam Snapshot. Central Station Amsterdam. #3

Amsterdam Snapshot. Bodyworlds Happiness exhibition #4

We were quite the tourists, visiting as many museums as possible, cramming in as much food as possible and taking all the selfies imaginable with an obnoxious selfie stick to boot! I especially liked the Body Worlds Exhibition by Gunther von Hagens which was in London a while back but I never got the chance to see. We also visited the Amsterdam Ice bar  which was nice but not overly thrilling to be honest, we felt the staff could have organised it a little better and their service was a little bit pants to be honest. But I’ve always wanted to go to an ice bar, so I can tick off drinking out of an ice cup from my checklist, how exhilarating!

Amsterdam Snapshot. Amsterdam Icebar. #5

Amsterdam Snapshot. Amsterdam houses #6

As you can imagine there are many canal boat ride companies offering you the best tour and you can’t go to Amsterdam and not go a canal boat. We hopped onto a boat for an hour tour and learnt some pretty cool facts like the houses used to be taxed based on their width hence why the houses are tall and slim, we also saw the smallest house measuring at only 7 foot in width!

Visiting the Red Light District was somewhat of a culture shock for us and we didn’t really know where to look to be honest. Whilst you’re in the area I’d recommend going to the Red Light Secrets- Museum of Prostitution to learn more about the area.

And what is Amsterdam most famous for amongst us tourists?

(I’ll let you find the ‘Coffee Shops’ for yourself)

Amsterdam Snapshot. #7

I’ve put together a video of the highlights from our trip which took me longer then I care to admit to edit it all together, so you can check that out above and don’t forget to head on over to my Youtube Channel and subscribe. (Shameless plug)

What’s your favourite spot in Amsterdam?

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