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7 Feb , 2016  

I was never one to go crazy over nude lips, I much preferred the impact that a bright red would have then any nude that I’d tried. Lately I’ve been racking’ up the nude lippies and I must say I’ve gained quite the appreciation for them. They’re super easy to wear and maintain so you don’t have to worry about them fading and leaving that dreaded lip line.

The combo I’ve been sporting lately is by Bare Minerals from their Marvelous Moxie range and is on the darker side of the nude family which is probably why it’s been my go to.

Bare Minerals | The Moxie Lip #1 Revved lipliner

Revved lipliner*  is a pink brown shade similar in tone to MAC Soar lipliner but slightly darker. It’s a twist up which I like as it eliminates the whole sharpening process. It glides on easily, doesn’t drag and feels comfortable to wear.

Finish First lipstick*  is on the browner side of the spectrum. It has a creamy, satin texture and leaves a glossy finish on the lips which fades rather nicely over time. One thing I’m not liking so much is the old school lipstick smell which I haven’t smelt from a lipstick in a while as they all seem to have some kind of scent nowadays which I have grown accustomed to. It’s nothing major and doesn’t put me off wearing it but I thought I’d throw that out there.

Bare Minerals | The Moxie Lip #3 Finish First lipstick

And as you can imagine paired together they make a beautiful pinky brown shade… what imaginative description I gave you there, enjoy it. In all seriousness though I’m loving them together, the lipliner adds longevity and the lipstick adds a glossy finish.

Bare Minerals | The Moxie Lip #2 Revved lipliner and Finish First lipstick

On days where I cannot be bothered with the up keep of a bright/dark lip I find myself reaching for this option and why not? Cos it’s damn pretty in my opinion.

What are you favourite nude lip combos?


*PR Sample.

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  1. I usually prefer brown tones for lipsticks when it comes to nude shades. You look lovely in all of them but my favorite is the first one (Revved lipliner).

    xo, Carla

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