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Getting My Lips Done By Juvadent Aesthetics

28 Aug , 2016   Video

I’ve thought about getting my lips done for a while but it wasn’t something I told a lot of people. Mainly because I wanted to collect my own thoughts to fully understand if it was something I actually wanted without anyone else influencing my decision.

When I met Farah and Hemini who have their own company called Juvadent Aesthetics at the Big Blogger Expo I finally got to ask some questions that I had in my mind for a while and it was great talking to people in the industry. I got a great vibe from the ladies and for me that is so important, I instantly felt comfortable around them and I knew that this was something that I wanted to try out.

I had a mini consultation there and then, I explained what I would like if I was to go ahead with the treatment- a defined lip shape with emphasis on the cupids bow and slightly fuller.

Skip ahead to a couple of weeks after the Big Blogger Expo, I sent them over an email confirming I wanted to go ahead with the treatment and would also be interested in vlogging and blogging about the experience. They were more then happy with this and before I knew it I was booked in for a treatment with the ladies!

If you’ve ever thought about getting your lips done or want to know more about the procedure then the vlog will give you a little insight into that. Farah and Hemini explained how the procedure would work, what they’re using and the techniques. I’ve also filmed a fair bit of the treatment, as I really wanted to show you guys what it was like.

Getting My Lips Done With Juvadent Aesthetics. Before and After. Juvaderm. #4

I found it relatively painless and actually quite enjoyed the whole process, this is subjective and what I don’t find painful others might. When considering a procedure like this please make sure that you fully research the kind of look you want to go for and be vocal about this. Find the right person for you, for me this was Farah and Hemini and I would thoroughly recommend their services and I would definitely go back to them.

*I received this treatment at a reduced price. This does not influence my thoughts in any way as I most definitely would say something if I wasn’t happy.

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