Iceland / The Northern Lights and Citywalk Tour

3 Jul , 2017  

Our second day in Iceland we had a bit of a drama to be honest, the night before someone had tried to get into the apartment. I was in the living room watching Friends as you do and Poppy was in the bedroom, out of no where someone tried to open the door and was then hovering around outside the apartment for a little bit. We ended up calling the police who came super quickly, they were really lovely and in the morning I gave the apartment company a call to get them to move us as we didn’t feel safe OBVS. There’s a whole 5 minute ramble in the vlog where I go into more detail about what happened. So we wasted a morning waiting around for a new apartment but finally we moved our stuff into the new place and it was bloody divine and a lot more secure then the last place.

We then got ready to go see the Northern Lights which we tried to vlog but failed, we couldn’t get the right settings on the cameras and they weren’t strong enough to capture what you build them up to be in your head. This excursion was again, done on a coach just like the The Golden Circle tour with the company Reykjavik Excursions. The drive was about an hour out of the city and we arrived to our destination which was basically a massive field, so make sure you empty the contents of your bladder before the journey begins as you’ll be standing around for a few hours and then have the hour journey back.

Over all the coach tour was ok but the real highlight was seeing the Northern Lights on the boat and this happened by pure luck. We originally booked to do the whale watching by boat and as we didn’t see any on the day the company said we can book again free of charge either on our current trip or when we return to Iceland, which I think is a pretty sweet deal. Poppy managed to wing us a free Northern Lights tour instead so shout out to the guy behind the counter who said he could have lost his job for swapping the tours over, you are a legend because that’s when we saw the real deal and MY GOD it was bloody amazing. This was done through Special Tours and the tour guides on the boats were great, they helped us with the settings on our cameras to capture shots that weren’t utterly disastrous. You can check my Instagram to see a couple of the shots, they’re still a little fuzzy to upload in their original size on here- they look way better on a smaller screen. One day I’ll take one of those mesmerising photos of the Northern Lights that you google which leaves you speechless.

I’d definitely schedule a free walking tour with CityWalk Reykjavik into your itinerary. Run by 6 history majors, the tours are around 2 hours and you find out about the history and culture of Iceland. Our tour guide was Eirikur and he was blooming awesome and had a great sense of humour. We learnt loads of great things about Iceland and it made me fall in love with the place even more. One of my favourite things Eirikur told us about was their police force Instagram account, with over 164k followers and loads of selfies of the team it’s one of my favourite Instagram accounts that I follow, their account is Logreglan if you want to go have a nosey. Make sure you book your tours on their website where you can select the date and time and as with all free walking tours you pay for what you think it is worth at the end.

Stay tuned for the last instalment of the Iceland blog posts, this time I won’t leave it a couple of months between the posts though. The Northern Lights is definitely one for the bucket list and I’m so happy I can now cross it off, although I’m forever lusting over Instagram accounts showing how they look from different locations. That’s the next goal!

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