Meditation and Finding Your Inner Peace

28 Jun , 2016  

Meditation was something I thought what was a bit of a faff when I was younger to be honest and I didn’t really get it. The past year I have slowly been integrating into my daily life, it’s come with some struggles like constantly questioning what it’s actually supposed to be doing for me, if anything at all. But the moment I stopped thinking about what I gained from it, is the moment I probably got the most out of it that I possibly could have. If you read my last post on Mindfulness it goes hand in hand and I’ve been practicing both for a while now.

So when I got the chance to try out The Baca Journey* by Laurie Seymour it felt like it came at the right time. I like to think of The Baca journey as an online tool for those interested in meditation and connecting with yourself. I tried the live Turaya meditation sessions for a month, which were done over Zoom- kind of like Skype. Laurie guided us through the meditation sessions and it was also a great chance to connect with others who were taking part and to hear their thoughts after the meditation.

There were two sessions a week and after all live sessions the recordings are then posted on the website, which for me was perfect as that is how I used this tool most of the time. I work full time and don’t have set days or shifts that I work so for me to commit to something like this is very hard, I made 2 of the live sessions and listened to the rest by the recordings. I will say now, the live sessions are much better and I got so much more out of it, mostly because I think I could see other people and it helped me to settle into it a bit better. I’ve only ever done guided meditation before in the presence of people so I guess I found that somewhat comforting.

During the live sessions Laurie checks in with us all to see how the day has been and where our thoughts are at. Sometimes it’s so good to just stop and actually think about that question ‘how are you?’ The topic for the meditation is spoken about briefly and we are then put on mute as Laurie records the session to put online later and guides us through the meditation. It was a bit odd initially but something I quickly overcame.

Meditation and Finding Inner Peace. The Baca Journey #3

For me, the most powerful live meditation session was the topic of ‘Surrendering’ and learning to surrender to yourself. I felt so calm afterwards and felt more refreshed then when I listened to the recordings. The live sessions gave time for checking in with each other before and after to gather thoughts which you don’t have with the recordings.

I received emails reminding me of when the sessions would be and Laurie emailed me before I started any sessions welcoming me on this journey and answered any questions I had which I thought was a nice touch.

Now that the month of live meditation sessions are over, I still listen to the recordings I have downloaded. I’m introducing mindfulness and meditation into my life on a daily basis and want it to be something I start my day off with. Learning to understand my own wants and needs has been the most important thing for me, the live sessions and talking to Laurie have really helped with that. I’m learning to find my inner peace and that will come with time, I can’t expect too much, too quickly I’ve come to realise.

We live in a world where we want everything instantly and a lot of the time neglect ourselves, never taking the time to stop and just be. Lets make a commitment to take some time to stop and listen to what we truly need, lets do this together.

Meditation and Finding Inner Peace. The Baca Journey #2
*I was offered this month of live meditation sessions for free, this does not affect my thoughts or feelings on the sessions.


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