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The Bloggers Hangout Fashion Week Event

28 Feb , 2016  

Last week London saw another season of fashion week hit the catwalk and in honour of this, the fabulous people over at the bloggers hangout organised an event with a variety of brands for us bloggers to get acquainted with. From skincare to food we were covered on the brand front and I met some lovely bloggers along the way.

I had vaguely heard of Ark Skincare previous to this event but didn’t really know much about them, the lovely Victoria was there to let me know what they’re all about and answer any questions I had. We discussed our love for skincare and it was great! Ark is a skincare brand that treats the skin by age and these products are all used in their flagship Spa in South West London.

I’m all about skincare and I love trying out new products, so I can’t wait to give this Pro Remove Pre Cleanse a go which dissolves makeup and is a great first step for your evening skincare routine.

There were of course a variety of food brands on offer, my favourite definitely had to be the guys from The Hawaiian Fish Company, serving up the freshest poké ever (to my knowledge this refers to the way the fish is actually cut.) These pots were so tasty I literally cannot even put it into words. Just YUM!

The Bloggers Hangout Fashion Week Event.COYO. #7

It’s notorious that I hate cooking, I love food but the whole shebang that comes with it I am not up for. I’m hoping that’s where CoYo, a yoghurt alternative made with coconut, will step in to help me enjoy cooking and not see it as a chore. The visuals on these cards look bloomin’ delicious and on the reverse are instructions on how to make them and an approximation of how long each dish will take to make. I’m thinking of starting with the ‘spaghetti’ one mainly because it said it would take around 10 mins and I’m down for something quick, easy and healthy.

I met the gorgeous Priscilla at the event, we instantly connected and had a chat about all things blog related, I loved it!

Blogging events are a great place to network with brands and to meet new bloggers, so thank you to the Bloggers Hangout for organising such a well thought out event and for getting such great brands on board!

What was the last blogger event you attended?

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  1. It was such a pleasure meeting too hun! ;*

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