Dad, I miss you

31 Dec , 2017  

    This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever written and it’s been in my notes on my phone for a couple of months and has been added to numerous times. It’s a brain dump of my current thoughts and feelings, will most likely be unedited and probably won’t make a lot of […]


Goodbye Summer

1 Oct , 2017  

    Summer is over and I’m not going to lie, I’m looking forward to autumn. The on set of colder weather and having to wrap up in more layers is totally my jam. Saying that I feel like this summer I truly embraced the warmer weather and even started wearing colour, shock horror. Dress: […]

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Comfy Culottes- Summer Lovin’

27 Aug , 2017  

  August has mostly been cold and wet but the few days we have had sun (remember that?) I found myself reaching for one particular outfit, its comfy and has colour- who am I? My wardrobe is 95% black and I’ve been trying to branch out and experiment with colour with my clothing, usually the only […]

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Iceland / Spending my 25th in the land of fire and ice

16 Aug , 2017  

  Celebrating my 25th in Iceland with one of my favourite humans was just bloody perfect to be honest. We strolled around the city, went up the Hallgrímskirkja church tower and in the evening headed to The Blue Lagoon. We saw some amazing street art and I’ve picked out a couple of my favourites, if anyone […]

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Iceland / The Northern Lights and Citywalk Tour

3 Jul , 2017  

Our second day in Iceland we had a bit of a drama to be honest, the night before someone had tried to get into the apartment. I was in the living room watching Friends as you do and Poppy was in the bedroom, out of no where someone tried to open the door and was then […]

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Iceland / The Golden Circle

19 Mar , 2017  

Iceland, without a doubt has become one of the most popular travel destinations and now I know why, known as the land of fire and ice, it’s absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t stop taking photos and recording everything. Saying that, my vlog is already 25 minutes long and I’ve not even finished editing it. I […]

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The 2016 Round Up and Hopes for 2017

2 Jan , 2017  

For me, 2016 has actually been a cracking year, it was exactly what I needed it to be and more. I somehow managed to bag a dream job, I bloody love what I do and I’m so incredibly grateful that I am able to say that. And it’s the year I’ve felt the most honest […]

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Fashion, Lifestyle

The Black Bird Print Dress by Religion Clothing

18 Oct , 2016  

Dress: Religion Clothing Bralet: Urban Outfitters Shoes: Converse Rings: JewelleryBox As soon as I saw this dress in Religion, I kind of new it had to be mine, I tried it on, it fit and it was in the shopping bag before I knew it. It’s super comfortable and I love that it can be […]

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Fashion, Lifestyle

Just Female Anthracite Pen Dress

26 Sep , 2016  

Dress: Just Female via Aida Bralet: Urban Outfitters Boots: Dr Martens Jewellery: JewelleryBox If you caught my post on The Long Shorts by Selected Femme you’ll know that I’m in love with Aida, the place you can go to grab some great coffee and peruse some clothing lines. When I tried on this dress I knew […]

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Beauty, Lifestyle

Getting My Lips Done By Juvadent Aesthetics

28 Aug , 2016   Video

I’ve thought about getting my lips done for a while but it wasn’t something I told a lot of people. Mainly because I wanted to collect my own thoughts to fully understand if it was something I actually wanted without anyone else influencing my decision. When I met Farah and Hemini who have their own […]

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